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“finance sellers”

We develop a holistic approach to identify and activate synergistic national and/or international funding mechanisms that align with the specific strategic ambitions and objectives of each of our private and public sector clients.

Adding value

At Finovatis, our approach, rooted in active listening, allows us to precisely understand your needs. Leveraging the combination of our proven expertise, we offer high-value services that go well beyond R&D financing and management.

Project Management

As a standalone activity within Finovatis, our project management function, supported by bilingual and experienced resources, and a methodology based on over 10 years of know-how and specific tools, adds value to the organization of businesses and consortiums, particularly in the management of R&D projects, including European projects.

Our sectors

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Health, pharmaceuticals

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Digital computing, industry, and space

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Culture, creativity

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Civil security

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Climate, energy and mobility

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Agriculture and environment

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FINOVATIS is a strategic consulting firm specializing in innovation and R&D financing at the national and international levels. We provide you with complementary skills (managerial, financial, tax, technical, and scientific) to support you sustainably and meet your expectations. FINOVATIS relies on a team of experienced consultants with recognized expertise to cover all components of the value chain of your R&D activities, thereby contributing to the maintenance and development of your competitive advantages.

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Team members

Engineers, PhDs in Sciences & legal experts


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in grants obtained for our clients


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R&D taxation and subsidies in 17 countries


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