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Our approach, based on active listening, allows us to precisely understand your needs and offer high-value services that go beyond R&D financing and management.

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Our expertise covers the following missions:

  • Conducting a prospective analysis: Reflection on positioning and development strategy for R&D projects based on technical and financial expertise, needs, and capacities.

  • Mapping and characterizing all your R&D projects to ensure their seamless integration into your strategic objectives.

  • Technical and scientific characterization of previously identified projects, their maturity stage, and critical points to consider in a national and/or European context.

  • Qualifying funding opportunities (including ongoing, completed, or upcoming projects) in terms of schemes, themes, budget, etc., and their alignment with the company’s needs and capacity.

  • Identifying specific project-related calls for proposals.

  • Identifying key players offering complementary expertise and services crucial for achieving your strategic development goals on a national or international scale.

FINOVATIS assists you in preparing applications for direct and indirect support for your R&D efforts:

Research Tax Incentives

As one of the first players in CIR-CII consulting listed by the Mediator of Enterprises and certified ISQ-OPQCM, FINOVATIS helps clients obtain funding tailored to their needs and strategy in France and internationally (Research Tax Credit (CIR), Innovation Tax Credit (CII), IP-BOX, Young Innovative Company (JEI) status, Green Industry Investment Tax Credit (C3IV), Partial exemption of professional withholding tax (EPPP) for researchers – Belgian Scheme, Research Tax Credit (RTC) – UK Scheme, Scientific Research & Experimental Development Tax Credit (SR&ED) – Canadian/Quebec Scheme, Research Allowance (FZUL) – German Scheme).

National and International Funding

With experience, an established network, and proven results, FINOVATIS supports clients in obtaining national and international assistance:

At the National Level

BPI Innovation Aid

  • French Tech Grant
  • French Tech Emergence Grant
  • Innovation Subsidies and Advances
  • Innovation Development Aid
  • Seed Loan
  • Seed Investment Loan
  • Innovation Loan


France 2030 Program Competitions

  • i-PhD Innovation Competition
  • i-Lab Innovation Competition
  • i-Nov Innovation Competition
  • i-Demo Competition
  • CORAM Competition

Collaborative Funding

Future Investments Plan

  • Carnot Institutes
  • Hospital-University Networks
  • Hospital-University Institutes
  • Automated Road Mobility, Connected Services, and Low-Carbon Infrastructures

France 2030 Program

  • Mastering sovereign and secure digital technologies


  • Dual Innovation Support Scheme (RAPID)

ANR Aid (excluding PIA)

  • Single-Team Research Project (PRME)
  • Collaborative Research Projects between public entities at the national level (PRC) or in bilateral international contexts (PRCI)

At the International Level

Horizon EUROPE

  • Excellence Science: European Research Council, Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions, Research Infrastructures
  • Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness: Health, Climate, Energy and Mobility, Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment.
  • More Innovative Europe: EIC Pathfinder, Transition, and Accelerator, EUROSTARS 3
  • Innovative Health Initiative (IHI)

Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI)

Department of Defense (US)

While not contradictory to fiscal mechanisms, these numerous aids require the implementation of a well-considered, optimal, and secure financial engineering. The goal of this methodology is to share our experience in project development, leverage our networks and expertise to build a competitive aid request, and secure funding for your projects.


As a dedicated activity within FINOVATIS, our management of R&D projects, with bilingual and experienced resources and a methodology based on over 10 years of expertise and specific tools, adds value by:

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For Your Organization

  • Creating (and implementing if necessary) a tailored management system adapted to your organization
  • Proposing indicators, dashboards, simple and effective financial and technical monitoring tools, etc.

For the consortium

  • Creating and deploying the management system
  • Creating and monitoring dashboards
  • Implementing a secure collaborative tool
  • Monitoring deliverables and following up with partners
  • Consolidating periodic activity and management reports

Participating in project valorization activities

  • Developing the website
  • Creating a graphic charter (logo, etc.)
  • Establishing a speech platform
  • Defining the communication and dissemination plan
  • Developing a business plan

Our sectors

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Health, pharmaceuticals

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Digital computing, industry, and space

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Culture, creativity

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Civil security 

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Climate, energy and mobility

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Agriculture and environment

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